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Industrias EMU S.A. is an industrial organization devoted to producing and trading high quality Agro-Industrial Solutions for both domestic and foreign industry and trade.
Our Corporate History


Industrias emu s.a. began operating in the city of Medellín in 1977 manufacturing chemicals for the industrial and agro-industrial sector, with its first product trisodic phosphate; three years after zinc sulfate came along as the organizations product leader and has since then identified our company in the market through the years.


The diversification of products in the company started in 1985 with the manufacture of ferrous sulphate and sodium nitrate. In 1986 disodium phosphate is incorporated to the production line. The following year the company moved to its new plant in Itagui, metropolitan area, and complements the line of zinc products with the manufacture of zinc oxide white seal and gold seal. Ten years later, responding to growing demand, the company opened its plant in the town of Soledad, Atlántico near Barranquilla and its sales and distribution office in Bogotá. More recently in 2001 the company began production of copper sulphate.

In 2008 Industrias emu made great efforts in research and development to produce sources of phosphorus, the initiative becomes a reality in 2010 just as the same time manganese and magnesium sulfate marketing and production became a reality for the company as well.

In 2009 Industrias emu s.a. is certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. By 2012 it is planned to increase production and plant size in Soledad, Atlántico and to achieve certification in the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System.

During 2014 the construction of a new plant of copper sulfate is carried out, the new plant is built in the city of Soledad in order to supply export markets in central america and the growing demand in the Colombian market, in 2015 due to the high demand for our products we began refurbishing our fluidized bed dryer granulator equipment to increase production capacity in granular products as well as the construction and commissioning of a new production line of zinc oxides. During 2016 a joint venture for the production of manganese sulfate 100 % made in Colombia takes place.


Industrias emu s.a. currently projects a name of performance, quality, service and innovation in the national market. The directives hope to face new challenges using the knowledge gained through experience, incorporating new generations capable of inducing adaptive processes, and change thus ensuring continued growth and success for the organization.

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